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ertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening is a special kind of urban gardening suitable to small spaces, particularly for decorating the walls and roofs in various styles. This is an alternative method for gardening by expanding the scope of growing plants in a vertical space. Intensive urbanization has left hardly any horizontal space for outdoor gardens. Green walls   are   not   only spectacularly beautiful, but also helpful in enlivening the ambiance. Green walls can absorb heated gas in the air, lower both indoor and outdoor temperature, providing a healthier indoor air quality as well as a more beautiful space.


ertical Landscape

You may have arrived here because of your interest in reducing stress, enhancing indoor air quality, improving mental health, reducing employee sick days or demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. You may be seeking living art for the walls. Vertical gardens, also known as living walls or green walls, are a recent innovative development in landscaping with a host of benefits.

benefits &


  • Acts as natural insulation for hot and cold air and a save energy for your building
  • Reduces CO2 levels and increases oxygen and improved air quality
  • Conserves water and watering takes less effort
  • Sound absorption and noise absorption
  • Improves thermal insulation and energy efficiency
  • Provides protection to buildings from adverse temperature and hence improves the life expectancy of the buildings
  • Mitigate urban island heat effect
  • It  holds rain water, providing food and shelter for wildlife

Green facades

Green facades are a type of green wall system in which climbing plants or cascading groundcovers are trained to cover specially designed supporting structures.Plants are either grown in the ground or in the elevated containers where they are watered and fertilized

Design / process

Each vertical garden is given a unique design and selection of species. The composition of plants takes in consideration the specific environment where it will be built, such as the local- and micro climate, sun exposure and the surrounding context. The aim is to create a one of a kind and site-specific garden that stands beautiful through all the seasons of the year.


Local reuse of compost and reclaimed water from household wastes 
Low cost
Minimal agricultural area required
Contribution to household food security and alleviation of food shortages and poverty
Temperature insulation by growing plants on the walls of houses
Simple and easy to understand
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