Row Houses Construction

A Row house is considered a cross between an apartment and a bungalow, thus giving you the sense of independence and benefits of community living.


A row house can be defined as a single family dwelling unit arranged in a row with a minimum of three dwelling units attached to each other by a common wall with only front, rear and interior open spaces.

Common characteristics
  • No two row houses share the same stairway
  • Row house development has minimum of three dwellings in a row
  • They have uniform plan, fenestration and architectural treatment
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Solar power for lighting homes

Advantage of Row Houses

  • The row house firstly offers economy to the individual owner.
  • Proponents argue that with existing land and building costs, the row house provides more space for less money than do other types of dwelling units.
  • Maintenance and operating expenses — heating and care of exterior surfaces (row houses usually have brick facing) — are lower.
  • For those with little or no taste for outdoor landscaping and gardening, there is no need to spend long hours keeping up large private yards.
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