Raft Construction

R.A.F.T. Construction is a civil engineering construction company that specialise in raft foundation construction and other concrete related works. The company provides a contracting turnkey service for design, construction and completion of various types of reinforced raft foundations and concrete structures.


R.A.F.T. Construction has constructed various raft foundations to suit different ground conditions, including heavy clays, dolomitic, settlement and collapsible soils, thereby offering our clients and economical solution to meet their specific foundation requirements. A raft foundation can also be cost effective on normal soils.

The construction period of a raft foundation is substantially shorter than that for any alternative foundation solution. The completed substructure to an average house can be completed within a week. Performances of 4000m² of raft foundations in 4 weeks and 18 low cost housing rafts per day have been recorded.

Working Principle of Raft Foundation

To get a better idea about when to use raft foundation, it is important to understand how raft foundation works. Let’s get a quick review of its working principle.Raft foundation transmits the total load from the building to the entire ground floor area. Stress distribution mechanism of raft foundation is very simple. Total weight of the structure and self-weight of the mat is calculated and is divided by the total area of the foundation it is covering to calculate the stress on the soil.As in case of raft foundation the contact area of the foundation with soil is much more than any other type of foundation, so the load is distributed over a larger area and thus the stress on soil is lesser and the possibility of shear failure of soil is also reduced.


  • Engineers design and supply of drawings and details
  • Construction of various types of rafts
  • Reinforced concrete Superstructures
  • Earth works
  • Experienced on-site supervision, management and consulting services
  • Professional completion certificates
  • Stringent Quality Monitoring
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