Garden Maintenance 

Garden maintenance (or groundskeeping) is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive, typically in a garden, yard, park, institutional setting or estate. Using tools, supplies, knowledge, physical exertion and skills, a groundskeeper may plan or carry out annual plantings and harvestings, periodic weeding and fertilizing, other gardening, lawn care, snow removal, driveway and path maintenance, shrub pruning, topiary, lighting, fencing, swimming pool care, runoff drainage, and irrigation, and other jobs for protecting and improving the topsoil, plants, and garden accessories.


Garden Maintenance Service

Our garden maintenance service is developed to save you time and effort. You can book a team of two Fantastic pros on a regular basis and ensure that your plants look presentable all the time. You can also benefit from this service as a one-time solution and have only specific tasks done that suit your individual requirements.

The specialists boast proven expertise in:

  • Lawn mowing and edge trimming, other lawn care, fertilising and reseeding
  • Manual weed removal and chemical weed control (upon request)
  • Leaf clearance and general tidy-up
  • Hedge trimming and ivy pruning (up to 5 m)
  • Pruning of small trees, bushes and shrubs (up to 5 m)
  • Planting, replanting and flower bed care
  • Green waste removal (up to 180l, free of charge)

benefits &


  • A beautiful lawn can be achieved with application of fertilizers along with constant watering especially during the summer months.
  • However, if you want your lawn to stand out from others, it requires professional expertise and hard work. This is what affordable garden maintenance services will offer.
  • The best thing about the provider companies is they have a set of designs which can be easily matched with the theme of the household. This can create a homely atmosphere for the visitors and your family.

Additional Mowing Services

Some of the other services offered by affordable garden maintenance services include trimming of the trees, gardening, planting of the shrubs, fertilizing, watering and also the grooming of the yard.

Landscape Construction

when all drawings are complete, we’ll prepare a final construction quote and construction program and get to work on installing your stunning new outdoor space.

Handover and Maintenance

Once you are happy with every aspect of your new outdoor space we will meet with you to do a final handover and provide you with garden maintenance options and reticulation guides to set you up to enjoy every inch of your new garden.
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