Bungalow Construction

The word bungalow has its origin in the Hindi word bangalá, which refers to a house in West Bengal region in India. These were one-story rest houses built for travelers. Designed low to the ground, well equipped with large porches and shadowed by overhanging eaves,bungalows could deal with the heat and abnormal temperatures. 


Nowadays the word bungalow is used in different contexts around the world and in India, it refers to any single-family unit, and not an apartment building, which is the usual mode of housing for the middle class Indians living in cities. Although it started as a one storey home, with the progress in time, families started building two -storey homes and as a result more people could be accommodated.

Bungalows are one of the most common style of homes in smaller Indian cities as buildings and apartments have replaced them in bigger cities. Ideal for a big Indian family, the advantages of buying a detached property is that it is often located in quiet, suburban areas, which makes it ideal for people who seek a more peaceful life in a low-risk location.

What materials are suitable for building a bungalow?

As technology has evolved, building materials with higher resilience, longevity and cost effectiveness have started to be used. A proper analysis, wise selection of materials and a smart way of combining them can result in a cost effective and comfortable habitat besides reducing its life cycle environmental impact. If one chooses durable and low maintenance materials, the need for new materials can be minimized. The combinations of materials used to build the roof, walls and floor may vary based on factors like climate, distance from source of supply, budget, maintenance requirements and desired style or appearance. The most commonly chosen material for bungalows in India is concrete, with natural materials like wood gaining popularity too. To ensure the safety and correct selection of materials based on geography, it is important to contact an architect or professional.
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